As with many writers, I publish under a pseudonym. Mostly this is a fig leaf which keeps my creative work separate from my professional life. When not writing, I’m a policy analyst working on Sustainability and Resiliency. I may yet go for my doctorate in the area. I have a real fascination with governance and how human governing bodies scale. We govern and create laws (even if they’re just customs) instinctively and at every scale. Take a bunch of surfers waiting for waves out past the shore where the nations and cities we live in may as well not exist. We’re a tribe out on the water. We quickly figure out how to ration the limited resource of good incoming waves. We hash out a pecking order, rules of conduct and mechanisms of enforcement. Then when we come back to shore, we live in a world determined by the governance of the village, the town, the city, the county, the region, the nation state. And, now we have international law and custom. How much longer before that’s interplanetary law? This idea has been a hobby horse of mine for decades. Comes of being a Physicist who took too many Anthropology courses. As you might expect, this fascination drives my creative writing.

I got my bachelor of science in Physics and Physical Chemistry. When I apply to them, some graduate programs give me a Cognitive Science or Mathematics minor once they read the transcripts. I studied Space and Atmospheric Science for a very brief moment. Then I died. No, really. Nut allergies are no joking matter. Following my resuscitation, I applied my Computer Science skills to earning a living and lived the entire economic transformation of IT, working as a Network Engineer, Web Developer, Database Guru, System Administrator, and Software engineer. Somewhere along the line, I worked in the area of Natural Language Processing (think Universal Translators). I don’t quite remember when, but I picked up a Master of Library and Information Science. I even did doctoral work in the area. My midlife crisis consisted at throwing up my hands at the sorry state of academia and getting a Master of Public Policy degree. That’s where I am now. When not collecting graduate degrees and cats, I write novels, surf, and swing on the Traveling Rings in Santa Monica